Just to let people know that GB7SN in Sheffield will be running the first Hytera Repeater in the Uk! And that it’s now Running the Uk DMR+ MASTER 9.00 LINUX 64Bit Software! - Hytera World Wide List Any info please Email me! sales@dvmega.co.uk Page Updated 08/09/2015!

We would like to thank JOHN G4TSN For his help in getting the DMR+ Master server set up & to Torsten DG1HT who wrote the software!                 

Uk Repeaters That Are Linked To The Hytera World Network!
GB7RR - GB7SN - GB7FC -GB7BH - GB7WI - GB7WE - GB7?? - GB7??
Hytera RD-985 DMR Live Streaming From PI1DAF DMRadio

GB7SN Repeater Keeper Is Stephen M1ERS / Repeater Group M0KSP / G7MLL
70CM DVU54  439.675  430.675  DV/DMR  IO93GH  SHEFFIELD  SK349811  NOR  DMR/1

Members That Have Contributed To The GB7SN Repeater Fund! We Thank You!
                       Karl M0KSP / Michael G7MLL / Sean G0UVM / Andrew M0RPQ
                       Paul M3NRQ / Carol 2E0CJH
Brand New Hytera Radio’s For Sale / Software AVL With Our Radio’s FREE             
Hytera PD36X £155.00 / Cable PC69 £25.00
Hytera PD56X £230.00 / Cable PC63 CPS/DL £25.00
Hytera MD785 £335.00 / Cable PC47 CPS/DL £33.00
Hytera PD785 £???.?? / Cable PC45 CPS/DL £33.00

Cables Are Original & The Newest With The CPS/DL Switch On

Hytera Cables With Out The CPS/DL Switch On
Hytera MD785 Cable PC40 £23.00 / Hytera PD785 Cable PC38 £25.00

Hytera Batterys
Hytera DP36X £??.?? / Hytera DP56X £??.??
Hytera DP785 Compatible BL-2006 2000MAH LI-ION £30.00

Call Karl 07947943637
I Have Radio Files For Sheffield Users That Have Made A Donation For The
Hytera MD785/DP785/PD36X / MOTO DM4600 / DP4800 Kirisun DP7700 / For GB7SN / GB7SR Repeaters!
Info DMR LIVE GB7SN STATUS REF LIST+ GB7SN Programming The TyTera MD-380 Priced @ £150.00 With FREE Programming Cable!

          GB7SN In Sheffield Is Using Colour Code 1 As From Monday The 7TH